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/9/2016Configuration CMU Sphinx on Raspberry in this post, i want to write my experience about installing CMU sphinx for translate speech to text. i want to …

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/11/2013Voice controlled home automation uses Raspberry Pi and LightwaveRF 32 thoughts on “ Voice controlled home automation uses Raspberry Pi and and CMU sphinx has to be limited to a …

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Pocketsphinx is a open-source speech decoder by the CMU Sphinx project. It’s fast and designed to work well on embedded systems (like the Raspberry Pi). Unfortunately, the recognition rate is not the best and it has a lot of depencies.

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I decided to try to install PocketSphinx for Raspberry Pi for offline speech-to-text processing (until now, I’ve been using the Google Translate APIs for speech-to-text). Tagged with: alsa, CMU, pocketsphinx, pulse, pulseaudio, raspberry pi, speech to text, sphinx Posted in: …

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Speech Recognition is available only in English, French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese and only in the corresponding version of Windows; meaning you cannot use the speech recognition engine in one language if you use a version of Windows in another language.

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Installing CMU-Sphinx on Ubuntu. Jan 9, 2016. Some Background. I recently installed Ubuntu 14. 04 on my Lenovo Yoga, and it’s time to reinstall SPHINX. When I installed SPHINX for the first time in September 2015, it was not a fun experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Q: Why my accuracy is poor; Q: How to do the noise reduction; Can I run large vocabulary speech recognition on mobile device / Raspberry PI. No, you can’t. The CPU is too slow for large vocabulary speech recognition. Phone CPU is usually 9 times slower than desktop.

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Training Pocketsphinx on raspberry pi 3. Ask Question 0. how do i train pocketsphinx to accurately recognize spoken letters and numbers with near 100% accuracy? What model should i adapt to recognize similar sounding letters like 'b' and 'd'? raspbian speech-recognition.

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ocketsphinx-python. Python interface to CMU SphinxBase and PocketSphinx libraries created with SWIG. Pocketsphinx packages include python support, however, it is based on Automake and not well supported on Windows.

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于中文识别. 网上很多都是学习自下面的博客,Sphinx武林秘籍(上) 但很多人照做之后纷纷表示识别不出来,我们猜测是某个参数设定错误或者版本变化导致的

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I assume you mean CMU Sphinx. Until someone else comes along with a more knowledgable answer, “CMU Sphinx, also called Sphinx in short, is the general term to describe a group of speech recognition systems developed at Carnegie Mellon University.

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Speech processing on the Raspberry Pi. Ask Question 42. 43. And for the record, I already did all this once before on a kindle (and that worked too with cmu sphinx and flite). Hope this helps. share | improve this answer. edited Aug 27 '15 at 7:38. answered Jun 2 '14 at 11:38.

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Raspberry Pi 2 – Speech Recognition on device. ssh pi@translator with the default password ‘raspberry’ gets me in from everywhere on my local network cat /proc/asound/cards returns 0 [ALSA ]: bcm2835 - bcm2835 ALSA CMU Sphinx a. k. a. PocketSphinx Currently pocket sphinx 5 pre-alpha (2015-02-15) is the most recent version.

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PocketSphinx is a lightweight version of the CMU Sphinx open source cross-platform speech recognition system, optimized for mobile and handheld devices.