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Antenna Analyzer. Every amateur experimenter who works on or uses antennas needs one of these. This Arduino-based AA gives you graphical and numeric performance results at a fraction of those high-priced units – and you can both build it yourself and even customize it if you wish. 40 M scan.

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W8TEE and K2ZIA Antenna Analyzer, bare pcb only – $10 Click here for zipped source file, arduino format – rel108. John Price, WA2FZW, and several others have enhanced the software for my AA and it is very good. (See below. ) Anyway, I think these new features would make the …


Antenna Analyzer for Ham Bands. Jack Purdum (W8TEE), Farrukh Zia (K2ZIA) Based on Arduino compatible 2560-Mini-Pro board . PKAA User Manual (PDF ~1MB) Antenna Analyzer Assembly Manual (Rev 1-08, word doc, ~9MB) AA Parts List (PDF) AA VFO Schematic (PDF) AA …

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Antenna Analyser (Work in progress) These days, you can buy an antenna analyzer for a few thousand rands easily. But for me, being a radio amateur is about tinkering. K6BEZ provides the inspiration. Use your choice of an Arduino or a PIC to drive a DDS and to measure the forward and reverse voltages and provide an output to a PC or an LCD

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/29/2018HF Antenna Analyser With Arduino and DDS Module: HiIn this Instructable I'll show you how I built a low-cost antenna analyser which can measure an antenna and display its VSWR over any or all of the HF frequency bands. It will find the minimum VSWR and corresponding frequency for …

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This Arduino-based analyzer has a color TFT display that presents antenna data either textually or graphically and can save the data to an SD card and present it as an overlay to compare with another trace after an antenna adjustment is made. The analyzer covers …

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Antenna analyzer on arduino

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年ぶりの Antenna Analyzer ネタです。 DG7EAO さんのスケッチのままだとアマチュアバンドごとの設定ができないので。。。 マルチバンドのアンテナ使いには何かと不便です。 今日はこの不便さを解消すべく、 バンド選択が可能なスケッチを Arduino に書き込んでみたので、その備忘録です。

Antenna analyzer on arduino

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/30/2018This Antenna Analyzer is based on the Arduino Mega Pro Mini and the AD9850(AD9851) DDS Module. The original author of the software, Jack Purdum, published the design and code online on the Yahoo SoftwareControlledHamRadio group (which has now been moved to the SoftwareControlledHamRadio group on Groups. io).

Antenna analyzer on arduino

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-40MHz amateur radio antenna analyser. Uses AD9850, Arduino Pro Mini and a 2. 2 TFT display. - jasiek/antenna-analyser

Antenna analyzer on arduino

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Antenna analyzer on arduino

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Arduino Antenna Analyser Inverted-L SWR plot. Now bring to the table the ubiquitous Arduino, my favourite 'toy' tool of the moment. I found several designs for antenna analysers based on Arduino's but I think it was someone on Twitter who pointed me to the design by K6BEZ. If you have an Arduino and a few resistors this is really cheap to make.

Antenna analyzer on arduino

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/18/2017I have designed a little Arduino Antenna Analyser what is based on Si5351 DDS - Module. Maybe this could be interesting for the users of the nice DDS. It seems to work quite well 1 . . 30 Mhz.

Antenna analyzer on arduino

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This is a no frills DIY Analyzer intended for frequencies ranging from 1. 6 to 30 Mhz. This simple Antenna Analyzer could be a nice project for anyone just getting started in setting up a station on the HF bands. Arduino DDS AD9850 Antenna Analyzer –

Antenna analyzer on arduino

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Arduino Antennen Analysator Auf der Seite von SierraRadio hatte Beric Dunn – K6BEZ einen Antennenanalysator vert, vom geringen Aufwand her, verglichen mit kommerziellen